Privacy Policy

Sunbeam is Australia's most trusted small appliance brand.*

Sunbeam Corporation Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of GUD Holdings Limited, and as such complies with the following policy in Australia.

It is GUD's policy to respect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals as set out in the Privacy legislation. GUD is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

GUD's privacy policy is based on openness. Where information is requested we will generally state the purposes for its use and to whom it may be disclosed.

To effectively carry out our various businesses, certain personal information needs to be collected. Such information is generally collected directly from our suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders. We may also obtain information from other sources.

Unless you are informed otherwise, information collected or held is used for the conducting of our business and to fulfil any legal obligations.

Sometimes it is necessary in conducting our business to disclose personal information to other organisations. Generally, we require such outside organisations providing services to GUD to acknowledge the confidentiality of any personal information and to respect any individuals right to privacy.

Unless agreed otherwise, sensitive information - generally relating to race, ethnic origin, membership of political bodies, religion or trade unions, sexual preferences or activities, criminal record, state of health and medical history - will be used and disclosed only for the purposes for which it is provided.

Personal information is important and will be retained by GUD organisations in a secure manner and available only to authorised access. GUD organisations endeavor to ensure the personal information held is accurate and up-to-date.

People entitled to access to personal information have a right to obtain a copy of any personal information GUD or any of the GUD Group organisation hold and to advise GUD of any perceived inaccuracy. The legislation sets out some exceptions to this.

A request for personal information held by GUD must be in the appropriate form identifying the person requesting the information and what information is required.

If a breach of this Privacy Policy Statement occurs, a complaint may be made to:

The Company Secretary
GUD Holdings Limited
245 Sunshine Road
Sunshine VIC 3020

or by phone on (03) 9243 3330

If a satisfactory response is not obtained the complaint may be addressed to theCommonwealth Privacy Commission on hotline 1300 363 992.